Talking and Walking

I haven’t posted in awhile here, partly because of busy summer schedules and partly because Knox is progressing so quickly I feel I can’t capture how is doing right now. What a wonderful predicament.

Our little guy started with taking a few solo steps in July and now is walking everywhere without assistance. We ditched “Dolly,” his walker, a month or so ago, and he is keeping up with the other toddlers in his daycare classroom. His teacher told us he’s the only one who can climb UP the slide.

Knox talks a lot, loves turtles, swimming (even in the ocean!), “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and Elmo, of course. He loves to clean, which is a trait he must have inherited from his Boppa (Gordo). We cannot wait until he learns that dustpan contents go in the trash and not on his head. He is fitted for his prostheses by a national company, the Hangar Clinic. They do a  calendar each year featuring one of their patients on each month. This is for their patients of all ages, and Knox was asked to be in their 2016 calendar and had his photo shoot last weekend.

One thing I would like to stress is that Knox is not to be pitied. If you’ve met him, you understand. If you haven’t, please think twice about how you look at people with disabilities. I am guilty of having been uncomfortable around people with differences in the past. But being around Knox every day, we know his disability is such a small part of him. I could tell you 100 things about Knox without even thinking about mentioning his leg. Yet, JP and I have no desire to pretend that Knox’s condition doesn’t exist or it isn’t interesting. I don’t claim to speak for all parents of kids with disabilities, but, for us, we don’t mind talking about it, so don’t be afraid to ask.

For a medical update, we have an appointment in a few weeks for x-rays and a consultation with the surgery team. We’ll hopefully get a ballpark date for surgery to fix his hip and ankle joints. It could be next summer or not until 2017. For now, our little guy is doing just fine. He is a fearless, smart and loving little boy. 🙂

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