And, We Have a Walker

We can hardly keep up with this kid. Seriously.

But first things first, Knox turned 1 on January 25! His Grandma and Grandpa Hebert hosted the party, and his Nana flew out from Florida to help celebrate. Knox was his usual gregarious self, and he loved the cake, in case you can’t tell. He got tons of cool birthday presents, but the best one came a few days after his party when we picked up a sweet new ride for him at Kids Mobility, a nonprofit dedicated to getting children the equipment they need to get around.

Knox-with-his-walkerWe brought Knox in to try out a few different options. First, they put him in a gait trainer that had a harness and strap around his chest. JP and I knew instantly that wouldn’t fly with Knox. He hates being held down by anything. Luckily, the next option was a winner. Knox grabbed on and immediately began taking shaky steps with the shiny gold walker.

We knew that getting him used to using the walker would take time, practice and determination. We were careful not to expect too much too soon. But, as always, Knox responded with whatever the baby equivalent of “screw that” is.

The very next morning after bringing it home, I heard an unfamiliar noise while getting ready for work. I peeked around the corner and saw Knox walking toward me. He had crawled over to the walker and pulled himself up on it.

It’s been less than 3 weeks, and Knox loves his walker, which we have named Dolly (with nods to both the hand truck and the golden Ms. Parton). When the other babies at daycare try to play with it, Knox pushes them down. We should probably not find that as hilarious as we do.  He is a bit of a star at his daycare, walking up and down the hall with Dolly and stopping to smile and wave at the little girls curiously poking their heads out of the Pre-K classroom.

After a week or so of running into walls and furniture and getting stuck, he learned how to steer by picking it up and turning it in a new direction. He walks (most of) the 2 1/2 blocks home from daycare every day with his Dad.

Check out his skills in this video (yeah, dad dressed him today)!



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