18 Days Until Surgery

With surgery just around the corner on March 4 (how is that possible?!), things are happening fast. We are a bit overwhelmed with all the logistics — everything we need to do before leaving home and planning for our stay in Florida. It’s a lot to juggle. But somehow, things are falling into place with no major hiccups.

Ready or not, here we go!

Several developments happened this week. First, we received approval from our insurance for surgery — something that was nerve-wracking to wait for. The next day, the hospital called to collect our out-of-pocket fee ($6,500), which is due before surgery. The woman was shocked when I said, “Yup, we knew what it would be, and I can pay it today.” She said it’s super rare for people to be aware of the cost and be able to pay it in full. It was only with the donations we’ve received from so many of you that I was able to do that, and we are so grateful! We have so much to worry about, and it’s such a relief to not have to stress too much about the financial part.

Also, we have finally accepted the reality that we will need to stay in Florida for 6-7 weeks, instead of the 4 we were hoping for. This is for two reasons:

1) Knox will likely be in a spica cast that won’t allow him to sit upright for around 6 weeks. He won’t be able to comfortably travel home, and even then we would have to travel back to get it removed anyway.

2) The physical therapists at the hospital in Florida work with a lot of kids like Knox after rotationplasties. That level of expertise is just not available here, and Knox deserves the best care possible. So, even if I’m anxious to get home, it’s better for him to stay until he is further along in his recovery. JP will stay with us for the first three weeks after surgery and then fly home to work and take Vivienne with him. He will fly back down as needed after that, we’ll trade off and on with Viv, and my parents will be available to come and help me with the kids.

So, we rented an Airbnb for the first few weeks and I am in the process of looking for a place to stay for the remaining weeks. Again, this would not be possible without the mind-blowing generosity we’ve received from friends, family and even strangers. West Palm Beach in March/April is not cheap, so we feel incredibly lucky to be able to provide a comfortable place for Knox to recover.

I can’t believe we leave in 9 days! We will be spending that time packing, wrapping up work and saying goodbye to friends and family. Once we get to Florida, we will be cramming in as much fun as possible before surgery day. Our plans include going to a Red Sox Spring Training game and, of course, taking Knox to Disney World! If you haven’t seen it, check out the video below of Mickey Mouse telling Knox about the trip. On his birthday last month, we sent Knox on a scavenger hunt around the house, with the last clue leading him to the tv and this video. He was totally in shock! Look at his little hands shaking.❤️ I love this kid so much and can’t wait to see him experience the magic of Disney. ❤️

Knox Finding Out He's Going to Disney World
Mickey Telling Knox He's Going to Disney World
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